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You Find Your 
Own North Star

with Shirin

Your gut is your inner compass. It will never lie to you or mislead you. Follow your inner compass and find your way in life.

- Shirin Ariff


Shirin Ariff, is a 6x International best-selling author and a beacon of inspiration with over 3 million global views of her viral speech, "Love Conquers All."

As a Resiliency Coach, Shirin equips her clients with tools and distinctions to access their own personal power and lead extraordinary lives filled with authenticity, joy, freedom, and dignity. Her remarkable journey of resilience as a mother of four children is etched in her International best-selling book, "The Second Wife." Shirin has faced dramatic ups and downs, battled facial paralysis, conquered cancer, and endured two failed marriages. She has been there and done that, emerging stronger and wiser. It's no surprise that she is lovingly called "Coach Yoda."


Shirin's life story, "Beauty and the Beast," featured in the "Dream Big" docuseries by Ethnic Channel Group, captivated audiences at the New York International Women's Film Festival and was short-listed at the Toronto International Women's Film Festival 2021. But Shirin's impact doesn't stop there. Shirin serves her community as the Founder of 7 Arcs Creative Works, where she creates inspiring books and anthologies. She empowers others through her raw and unrehearsed talk show, the Share Your Shine series, hosted on her Be Your Own North Star YouTube channel. Shirin has hand-crafted and delivered several workshops and individual and group coaching programs under her Be Your Own North Star brand, imparting transformative learning.​

Join Shirin on a transformative journey toward resilience, self-discovery, and personal growth. It's time to let her guide you to become your own North Star, inspiring you to live a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.


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