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Everyday Heroes

While on the boat ride to the Island Picnic a couple of Sundays ago, the waters of the lake were in every mood to soak us wet to the socks in our shoes. The boat ride seemed more like the fun rides at a water park. Our boat bobbed up and down and rocked sideways. Big waves lashed at us. It took only three big splashes to make me look like a drenched wet cat. (Seriously, what was the point of me doing all that blow dry and hair styling before I left home?!)

On our boat sat a senior couple huddled together, sitting in total surrender to Mother Nature's mood for some water play. The water splashed on their faces. They sat still without even wiping them. They looked like two little sparrows huddled together braving the forces of Nature.

And then, what I witnessed, made my heart melt: Across from this sweet couple sat a young man, or should I say a giant of compassion. He stood up and went right in front of the couple. He bent over them graciously with his back towards the lashing waves. For the whole ride he stayed with them to save them from any discomfort and took the brunt of the lashing waves on his back. He did this with a smile and so many kind words for the couple.

Not only it may have been fulfilling for the man to be so kind and compassionate or for that couple to receive such generosity of spirit, it was so fulfilling for me to witness this gracious act.

Witnessing such experiences makes me present to how deeply I am connected with other human beings. It takes away any feelings of anxiety and restores my faith in humanity. There are good people in this world. I am safe ❤

Blessed is the giver. Grateful is the receiver and overawed is the witness.

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