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An Insight on Sight

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart -Helen Keller Why does Lady Justice wear a blindfold?

Why do they say love is blind? What is it to be blind?

We three brave-heart friends ventured out to experience it at a Toronto based restaurant where food is eaten in a room that is pitch dark and the servers are blind.

We were like children, conga lining our way into darkness, led by a blind server. I must admit that I would make the most talkative blind woman that could break the silence of darkness! Feeling scared and yet using fear as motivation to experience darkness, we sat on our seats. What is so intriguing about darkness? We saw nothing.. so we had no judgment to make. It wasn't easy to not be able to figure out everything and to not be in control. We had to completely surrender to being present and when darkness was overwhelming, we closed our eyes to the darkness outside and focused on our breath.

When I closed my eyes to the darkness outside, I felt safe and more comfortable to the darkness I witnessed with my eyes closed. What was that about? Ah, I knew that darkness. Was the brain playing games of control- tricking me into believing that I was the creator of this darkness when I closed my eyes?

Below the layers of fun and laughter I got present to the beauty of these two human beings that I have as my friends. There was trust that surpassed any fear. There was courage and zeal to take risks and the willingness to experience being vulnerable to the unknown. There was a desire to learn and to grow and to embrace whatever the unknown shows up as. In the moments of blindness I could see the greatness of what it is to be human and the magic of being surrounded by such powerful ones.

So thankful for the gifts of sight and insight.

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