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A Lovely Day!

The sun makes a sunny day. The clouds make a cloudy day. The rain makes a rainy day and the snow makes a snowy day. What makes a lovely day? Or should I ask who makes a lovely day?

I have lived in my neighbourhood for over thirteen years now.. in the last few years while feeling rushed to drop my kids to school, I have bumped into this drop of sunshine quite a few times. I don't know who she is and where she comes from. I would always be in my car and the warmth of her smile made such a heart connect that I would pause in that moment of hustle to allow her enthusiasm to infuse my spirit. I happened to see her again today. My kids were in school and I was not rushed.

I walked up to her to say hello and to my surprise she greeted me in sign language. She spread her arms towards the sky and pointed at the sun and her smile made the sun shine brighter. She left me with the experience that love is beyond any language. A loving and caring heart has it's own language. It communicates in the power of silence.

It's a lovely day today and she is the "lovely"in the lovely day. May all of you find your "lovely" and have a lovely day.

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